little tables

A walk in the woods with lots of 'little tables' to watch. Fairytale-like with this autumn sun.

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Lemon Tree zei

Very beautiful!!!))

Lisa zei

I spent last weekend in Amsterdam. I love your city, I've been there many times and I just love wandering around with no aim but enjoyng the beautiful sight of houses, water, windows, lovely shops and caf├ęs...
This time it was a little bit different though... I realised that I looked around with different eyes, thinking that I might be walking in your neighbourhood and maybe I could spot your daughter's blond curls behind a window or amongst children on a playgroud.
It was like I knew a penfriend could be living close to where I was walking :-)
Strange and pleasant feeling.

By the way, I so do like reading your blog :-)


mieke willems zei

mooi! die eersye 2 foto's! wil ook gaan wandelen!

candy apples zei

Your photos are absolutely beautiful!!