I like old stuff a lott.
Went to the Hermitage last week and fell in love with these tiles.
They were in the basement kitchen, dated 1729.
All those different kinds of white....perfect (for my dreamhouse whenever)
Oh, and Matisse was nice too.

4 opmerkingen:

Hiskia zei

perfect inderdaad. was er geen museumwinkel? ;)

heodeza zei

So pretty!
I fell in love with pretty much the same tiles at the Van Loon museum when we were there two weekends ago!

Christine zei

like it

Anoniem zei

jaa! Leuk om weer door je blog te scrollen.. tijdje niet meer gedaan, had je die hele grote kandinsky ...dacht composition6 gezien??.. die maakte zo een indruk bij mij!