I talked to them today. It's this returning ritual which I love. Every season.

You may stay, you work for me.
You are bought to quick, sorry, have to let you go.
You're itching me everytime, you have synthetics.
Wish I could wear you again, have to do something about that.
You are beautifully made but I can't wear you with anything, but I give you a last chance for this season.
I'm gonna cut you in pieces and re-arrange you a bit.
Here you are; all hanging neatly by color and shape!

My wardrobe. Love letting all my clothes go through my hands, when seasons are changing.
Spring is definitely in the air!

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♥Ilse♥ (Rood met witte stipjes) zei

wat mooi omschreven. Fijn je trouwens ontmoet te hebben zondag op de blogmeeting.