satin scarf

After a very quiet January, work-wise, having lots to do these weeks! Working for a fashion magazine again, makes me editing my own wardrobe again.
Today I made a little funky skirt out of a vintage satin scarf I never wore. We were both instantly happy with it. (so easy to make: cut a hole in the middle of a square-scarf, to fit her waist, cut the hem round, give the waist a jersey-band or elastic, you're done! I gave the hemline a silver satin finish)

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nata zei

A funny skirt/scarf ! Good idea…

radzimire zei

So nice!

Hiskia zei


Bas en Maaike zei

goed gelukt!! leuk hoor, zo'n meisje... hier alleen maar piraten en voetballers in huis!

sarah zei