After piles of scratch-drawings we just thought she wasn't into drawing at all.
But two days ago she just started to draw ' a princess with a crown (left) and a prince with a hat on (right), in the sunshine'.....
We were really amazed of her detailing and the concentration she suddenly developed for this 'work' (she's calling everything work now she's at school).
We're so proud.

4 opmerkingen:

Christine zei

This is a very nice "work"!

gijs zei

Talented already!!!

Bas en Maaike zei

Wow! Dat is echt bijzonder hoor!!! Dat zie ik die van mij nog niet doen... (Kan wel het alfabet schrijven als ik de letters noem haha!! ;)
Trotse moeders!


julie zei

i have enjoyed looking through your blog. i love the crown.
my 4.5 year had been creating very abstract pieces for a long time and suddenly she started adding more details.

will be back to visit again.