one handshake away


Had a handshake with St. Nicholas! (a.k.a. Jeroen Krabbé)
Feeling all exited as a child again. I think it's fun to be a parent now and telling the story as new.
You really have to listen to this link (posted it last year on this blog as well): sooo funny!
'6 to 8 black men' by David Sedaris 15 minutes of your time...

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Lisa zei

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!
This time last year, and the year before, I was visiting my dearest friend Giliola in Veghel (nearby Eindhoven) and so I had plenty of Sinterklaas and Schwarte Piet and pepernoten!!! And one night we waited for our shoes to be filled with little presents!!
Wow, I love this celebrations of yours! Thanks for this post Muriel!