shhhht it's a secret!

Ok, this one is definitely not a recycle project; it's actually brand new.
But I must say, I'm proud of the result. Never made such a 'costume'-like dress before. It's a true Cinderella/princess-dress for her, for the holiday season. Yes, I have to wait 6 weeks (!) to give it to her on Sinterklaas evening. She's playing as princess for months now and pink is really her favorite color, we hear every day several times. I gave in. Because her 4th birthday is in December as well, she can show her new look all month.
But keep quiet, it's a surprise!
Now I want to make something blue or black, my eyes hurt of magenta.

5 opmerkingen:

Maria zei

exciting :))) well done !

gijs zei

wow, it hurts my eyes ;-)

madame chocolat zei

this secret is going to be great!

Bas en Maaike zei

heee muur! nou, ik (als voormalig, professioneel kostumière) ben trots op je hoor!! ;) ziet er geweldig uit... een geluk bij een ongeluk dat je nu zoveel tijd hebt om leuke dingen te maken! (jaloers...)xxxxxxxxxxx

sarah zei

ik vind al je naaiprojecten supermooi!