to do list

I've got many to-do-lists. Neatly in one notebook. For quiet times (read with no job). To do stuff.
Stuff that needs to be done, stuff that I want to do to ease my mind.
Today I did some painting. We live in a old apartment with old ornaments and framework. With lots of layers of paint did before us. I like that. That is used. But from time to time I wish for new concrete and sharp lines. I tried to give our window frames a fresh layer of paint, but the sharp lines are not there, it's just too old and used. Still I'm satisfied with the work, it was on my to do list for a very long time. Check.

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NoeKs blogt... zei

Herkenbare foto, ik ga morgen de tussendeur met tig ruitjes ook zo afplakken. En deze klus ligt er al een jaar. Ik hoop dat het meevalt :(