Saw Doubt last night on dvd. Terrific movie. With beautiful roles for Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep. I like Philip a lot. Enjoyed Capote, Happiness and Magnolia of course. But also in small parts he's very natural. I like it that he's chubby and not perfect Hollywood-looking.
I think I'm a nerdy kind of fan.

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Rynke zei

Jaa, geweldige acteur! Ook in Mr. Ripley super!

madame chocolat zei

I saw it too :) M.Streep is just fabulous as usual.
I didn't know what to think at the end of the movie... I guess it's just life, you are never sure for sure but you have to do somthing.

nath zei

Very fond of Mr Hoffman myself

Eliane zei

Hij is ook geweldig in Synecdoche, New York!