Had a great dinner date with J last night; sitting outside all evening like summer.
What a september present it was. Last week I was ready for fall, but this was something else. And this moon was so beautiful when I biked home.

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zoloma zei

Oh yes, so beautiful ...
We go to amsterdam in the beginning of november, do you know where we can sleep for two nights...?

La Rimule zei

It's very nice... I love NL (and I lived there 2 years...)...

heodeza zei


I discovered your blog today and have looked at your creations and beautiful pictures for ages... Everything is so pretty!

When I saw this photo, I really thought I should write to you. It looks almost exactly the same as the one I took two days ago, when we were in Amsterdam for a few days!!
Look here: http://heodeza.blogspot.com/2010/03/amsterdam.html