A new old lamp is finally installed in our room. For reading when sitting on couch.
Because the fall is coming and the days are becoming darker (a little bit), I am nesting already in my home. Painting, cleaning up, re-organizing pillows and bedcovers, thinking about quilting again. Want to read more books; the lamp will help!

6 opmerkingen:

zoloma zei

Ok, I take it for my game, thanks Muriel !

La Rimule zei

Nice picture !

Lucie zei

is it a new banner for your blog, did you draw it ? it's very nice !

Lisa zei

I love your new log-header, it is great!

muriel zei

Lucie: wish I could draw like that! It is scanned from an old book of Dutch illustrator Rie Cramer.

la marmotte zei

oh, only one ? and where are the other lights ?
salted kisses from la marmotte