apple apple apple

I've been working with apples all day. Fresh from the orchard of an uncle. And still we have too much! Having an apple party this weekend is an idea.
Listening to Billy Holiday meanwhile.

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Lisa zei

Are there jugs o apple sauce those in the second picture?!?
Wow, I love it!
And it reminds me my holydays in Holland at my friend's house where my two lovely dutch "niece and nephew" thaught me how good are french fries with it!

zoloma zei

Miam !

Erna zei

oh dat schort is onweerstaanbaar! en dan ook nog een overvloed aan appels! beter begin van de herfst kan haast niet !? Ik ga vandaag op appeljacht....kijken of we wat vinden!

Cabrizette zei

Miam !!! j'ai faim !

madame chocolat zei

cut apron :)

madame chocolat zei

oh and B.H is my favorite singer from all times!

la marmotte zei

we use apples from our orchard to make cider

kisses from Brittany
la marmotte