oh happy day!

Here's a little 'blog-challenge' from Lisa again; picture things that make your day a happy one.
Well my blog is all about pictures of things that make me happy, but here are some 'new' items...
- she's baking and wearing her cute apple apron.
- finding little clothes that I want to have in grown up size. (and dreaming about her wearing it on our coming sunny holiday)
- looking at this fine piece of fabric underneath my laptop and waiting to get inspired to make something of it.
- enjoying the light in our house and the wooden floor we found in a trash container years ago.
- organising something. like today, my sewing supplies kit.
- cut and paste pictures from magazines in my private scrapbook. for inspiration and dreaming.

4 opmerkingen:

nata zei

Il like this napron. It'so cute !

zoloma zei

thanks Muriel ... as usual, I like everything. And I'm going to take this decoscrapbook's idea from you !

Castor zei

Cute and happy pictures !

clemfraiche zei

i also like everything. and Thanks to Lisa who guided me here ;-)