candid candy

I've kept a chart of my candy habit the last 10 weeks. Putting smiley's on days without sugar and putting candy stickers when eating cookies or chocolate or icecream.
It was the countdown for my bikini-holiday tomorrow.
I'm a sweet tooth and wanted to know if I was gaining weight eating as much sweets as I like to do. Almost everyday....oops. Realitycheck!
Conclusion: no weight loss or gaining, so I'm happy.
Now flying to sunny Greece, see you in a few weeks!

4 opmerkingen:

zoloma zei

I'm like you, I love candies.
But I have to stop it now !
Have a nice trip !!! Enjoy.

Rynke zei

Leuk idee! Veel plezier!!

madame chocolat zei

Bon voyage muriel!

NoeKs blogt... zei

Goede reis!! Maar waarschijnlijk lig je nu al op een zonovergoten zon te genieten ;)