Lately I have the time for big projects like scanning all of my old pictures. I collected the albums of my childhood at my mothers and started with my babypictures. Eventually I want to have all the pictures scanned and saved at a hard disc for backup. Just to be sure it will not disappear someday. I'm really enjoying seeing all the pictures again; it must be my age or something. I'm planning to make a new printed album of the best images. But there's a problem already; which are the best? Above you see a 'misprint' of me at my grandmothers house, when I was seven. I used the whitespace for the caption. Now it's fun to see my handwriting from back then.
And how cute are the little kittens we had!
This is a difficult editing job.

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Rolf zei

Funny, how in those days we even put our misprints in the photo album. Now I usually throw every picture away which isn't up to some sort of high profile standard. Although... there are still a lot of blurry shots on my hard drive ;o) And I take tons and tons of photographs, in stead of four rolls a year...

And I love the misprint, somehow it reminds me of a picture I took of you and Z at my old school, with your heads behind leaves, imitating the style of art academy photgraphy, haha!

And teh kittehs ar wai kool!

schreu zei

Het is begonnen!

NoeKs blogt... zei

Is het nog gelukt Muriel?

Ik zou ook eens de oude boeken moeten gaan scannen, staat al lang op mijn to-do lijstje, maar heb de zin nog niet gevonden :(

Marrie-jette zei

Bij Opa en oma in Enkhuizen...Wat leuk om te zien.
Groet Marrie-Jette.
(een nicht van je).