Did you know that you can clean your windows with hot water and just onions?
Well I didn't till now.
I did my anual big windows cleaning (meaning get the man to help me with pulling the actually windows out of their frames and this at the third floor; scary open heights!)
And just with one onion as detergent. It brilliantly worked!

A still life of Charlie's table in the morning sun, with her petite collection of things I found cleaning around the house.

PS this is post #100 on my blog! Still enjoying it much, huray!

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Lisa zei

Congrats for you number 100 post!
I have been following your blog since the beginning and I enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your bits of daily life with us... and thanks for sharing the curious tip on windows cleaning ;) (do you need to leave the onion in the water or use it to brush the window itself!?!)

muriel zei

thanks! I feel I'm still a virgin in blogworld, reading all those interesting posts of everybody, but I really like the idea that I can share my pictures with the world, without having to face and explain to everybody ;)

and just leave the onion in the water...

nath zei

onion?? really... I'm learning something new

zoloma zei

Thanks for this good idea !
And thanks for your post n°100 ! I like to come here.
Your blog is really inspiring me.
A bientôt

Loulou's mum zei

I didn't know about onions, very interesting (though I doubt I'll try, they make me cry so much). At home, we simply wash the windows with old newspaper and water. Works wonder too

Tanya zei

100 posts - wow! Congratulations. I love seeing your pictures and reading about the little adventures.

madame chocolat zei

thank's for the tip! i should try that next time... let's say next month when it won't be raining (i hope)

madame chocolat zei

and bravo for the 100 post!