my new bathingsuit

This is she. My new bathingsuit. Isn't she lovely?
All dotted and comfortable for all the curves I don't want to show at the pool.
Found her today when it was 23 degrees outside. Wow, it felt like summer. And therefore needed to find a new bathingsuit. Actually I'm a bikini kind of girl, but after trying like ten different ones, I was desperate for some comfort and tailoring. Don't want to diet for my clothes, so settled with a well suited slimlooking sweetheart.
It's '50 style shape; feeling a bit like Monroe in it (without the blond hair and bosom). I often think I had a second life in the '50 and '60, always feeling connected with that era. Like the furniture, the dresses, the graphic design, the photo's that were taking then, wallpapers etc etc (see Mad Men please!)

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geraldine a tokyo zei

lovely! I should buy one too. I quit the swimming sessions because my bathing suit was a little bit too tight and I haven t found the path of diet yet!
geraldine a tokyo

zoloma zei

I love it !

meisjesmama zei

waar vond je dat? mooi!

muriel zei

sssst, bij Noa Noa