While going through my closets, I found this memory-game. It's very old and the box is falling apart. I think it's '50's or '60's (anyone?) I rediscovered the beautiful lay out of the game cards. I have good memories of playing with it when I was a child; I didn't look at it for more then 15 years I think. And now I remember all the images and illustrations again. Funny how your brain works.
It is made in such freestyle; a combination of photo's of nuts and matches, with illustrations right out of a children's book and just graphics and colors. Please take a good look. I don't see any new games like this in the shop.
Love it and can't wait to play with it again when Charlie is old enough to memorise.

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Radzimire zei

I'm in love with your memorie game. Illustrations speak to me. I'd like to make one so nice.

zoloma zei

I am totally addict to vintage games ! So I want this one too !