our pool: NOT!

Lately I'm going crazy.
I want to book a holiday. We have put a little money aside so we cán book a holiday. It feels like a real luxury.
You think, now there's internet, you can easily surf your way to a good, budget, sunny, comfort country you can relax.
Well we've been surfing for three nights in a row and we get more disappointed by the hour.
And fatter by the minute because of compensating chocolates.
We want to go in May/June this year and not in a crowded place, we want sunshine and peace and nature and comfort and a beach and a pool and a car and culture nearby and nice food and other 3 yearold kids to play with and affordable.....well is there such a place?
Everytime we find something we like, it's already fully booked and I have to recover of these disappointments. I have a vivid imagination and have seen us relaxing and playing in a place like above for several times now.
Are we too late for booking for May/June? Are our wishes too unreasonable?
This evening we are going to try, again.
(suggestions are welcome)

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chacha zei

Bonjour, je découvre ton blog et tes jolies photos, alors je te laisse un mot pour dire simplement que j'aime beaucoup et que je reviendrais bientôt : )

Loulou's mum zei

Usually a discreet reader I felt totaly with you today and had to comment. I have been looking for a place for our holidays in August and it took two weeks to find something 75% of what I was searching for (and an incredible amount of mails and phone calls to agency and home owners in the Vendée area, near Royan, where we wanted to rent). Everything affordable had been rented since january. Hopefully, we will be lucky and discover, once there, it is 99 % what we were looking for. I hope you will find something very soon. We are back on track to find a place for a few days in Lisboa Portugal in september. Pfiouu. Wishing you good luck !

Loulou's mum zei

Thanks for passing by and leaving your message. My daughter was born in july 2005.
I sometimes post in english but have not a lot of time right now.
By the way, have you thought about Corsica for your holidays ? Lots of wonderful places on this island.

NoeKs blogt... zei

Erg he! Wij hebben besloten maar gewoon te gaan kamperen, wel zo makkelijk en een stuk goedkoper. Ik schrok ervan hoe duur alles is en vooral ook hoe vol geboekt. Kredietcrisis???! Niets van te merken ;)

madame chocolat zei

we can swich houses if you want ;)
i seeking for a trip to portugal next summer, boy it's so complicated!