our livingroom

Lisa from Le point sur le i asked me to join her with her little game: make 4 pictures of your livingroom and tell something about it.
Here we go:

1. Come in! A vintage handle from my boyfriend's grandmother's house we inherited and placed in our not so big apartment. It comes from a big house and we love the details and 'grandeur' it implies.

2. A chair I inherited from my father who past away 4 years ago. He restored antique furniture and this is a good example of his work. I remember he found this chair in half and fixed it. I love the shape and massive dark color.

3. A corner of the room, were Charlie sits and paints and draws.

4. My vintage lamp above my table, which I've got from a family-friend when I was a student. I loved it instantly and it always hanged in my living area.
There are 4 photoframes from designer Piet Hein Eek. The first, only, new and affordable design pieces I have in my home. Got them 15 years ago.
And you see a white doorknob; there's an invisible closet there! We made it ourselves and we are still very proud, because I have my whole personal workspace kept in there, out of sight, convenient for the little one.

16 opmerkingen:

zoloma zei

Oh thank you so much Muriel ! I'm so happy you played ...
And your living-room is a peaceful place, whick looks that you, I think.

zoloma zei

Oh sorry ... whicH looks LIKE you...

Ribambins zei

Zoloma is right, your pictures are so peaceful. your red armchair is a real find.

muriel zei

actually I'm very peaceful when I'm surrounded with nice things :)

geraldine zei

Very nice and peaceful! I love it!
geraldine a tokyo

Diacritique zei

Everything is beautiful ! I love it.

Eiline zei

Very nice...!

anne des prairies zei

Your pictures are beautiful!
I like the chair of your father...

Rynke zei

Oh mooooooi! Dat rode stoeltje is prachtig!

La Rimule zei

Yes, very nice to discover your place !Tot ziens ! :)

frannso zei

Hi there,
I'm discovering your lovely place through Zoloma's photo challenge .
I do love everything you pictured but much particularly the chair you've inherited from your Dad and its story .

... zei

so beautiful! i love the chair too.

NoeKs blogt... zei

nice pictures to see! I often make picture in house, but I have to use the flash, otherwise it is too dark. But the flash light is not that beautiful :( Do you use 1600 is or?

muriel zei

I have a steady hand and always try to use daylight

ju* zei

Soooo nice!!!!!

sue zei