The last days were grey. Rainy, windy and grey. Hate that kind of weather. Gets me grey in the head as well. But good news is: we succeeded in booking a holiday, with lots of sunshine and sandy beaches! So right now I'm feeling sunny inside again; dreaming about sandals, cotton dresses and fresh air.
When I got to the market this afternoon for some fish (in the rainy, windy and grey city) I saw colors appearing around me again, which I've photographed with my phone.

3 opmerkingen:

madame chocolat zei

grey is nice. it's the perfect color we need to appreciate the other ones.

i've allways wanted to visit holland (the kitch kitchen store actually) but youre wright, i need sun and sand, and happy dresses to wear.

zoloma zei

Please Muriel, would you like to play to my little game ? You just have to photography 4 things you like in your living-room... And I love your pictures so much ...

Ribambins zei

great opposition between rounded and squared colors !