cat door

There's still a catdoor in our livingroom. Never used, because our cat didn't want to use it, that's how she was. And now that's she's gone, we are thinking of removing it. But Charlie seems to like the little window. She's a cat several times a day.

5 opmerkingen:

zoloma zei

She's cute ! What a beautiful dress ! And keep the cat door ...

hannna zei

That dress is really beautiful! Please don't tell me it's H&M... the umbrella girl you made was super nice!

mieke willems zei

mooi jurkje! en zo'n kattenluik is zoiets leuks!!

muriel zei

Her dress isn't H&M this time, but a souvenir from her grandmothers cruise!

meisjesmama zei

geweldig jurkje!