a bit of a diet

This is what I see several times a week after blogging. Not very satisfying. I'm a sweet tooth and love chocolate and candy, the chemical kind. Actually I'm a very healthy person, don't eat much meat, don't drink or smoke, eat a lot of vegetables and buy bio products as much as we can. But sugar is always been my weakness. Just the other day I read an article in a glossy and between all the diet-talk there was one sentence that appealed to me: 'be aware what kind of junk you put in your body'. I know it's simple, but this was never a motivator for any kind of diet I've done in the past. So from yesterday I'm banning candy from the house and I feel relieved not wanting to put junk in my body. Eating fruits and crackers instead.
I'm very happy with the shape of my body, don't get me wrong, but still want to loose a little weight around my disappearing waistline (due to sitting behind computers allday). It's just the time of year; having spring-cleanings and 'body'-cleanings.

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madame chocolat zei

puting junk in my body is just the thing i keep doing even if a know it's so wrong.
i don't go to fastfood and i dont' drink eather, i never bye candy, but i can't help it, i have to have chocolate!

"bravo" for you :)