8 skirts 4 dresses

Charlie has come to an age that she doesn't grow as exeptional as the first 2,5 years of her life. That means that she doesn't have to have a complete new wardrobe every 2 months or so. Although it was hard work organising, choosing and gathering new clothes every time; it became a hobby for me to purchase cool and cute clothes for her for low prices. I discovered the secondhandstore swaps and sample-sales (a heritage from my fashion-glossy-work) and made her some myself. I have saved all clothes that are too large for her in boxes and labeled them with sizes.
I'm a real girl-mother and have an eye (thanks mom!) for nice fabrics and prints, so it's no punishment to gather her wardrobe.
Today I was shopping in my own house; I opened the boxes for this summer and was surprised to see I have 8 (!) skirts in the same size for her. Ahum. And 4 summerdresses, and 5 shorts and 3 bikini's. Ahum. How many skirts can a 3-yearold wear? In this not so warm Dutch weather?
Ok, I will not buy anything summery for her this season :( ...it hurts.
(but these clothes are nice huh!?)

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Radzimire zei

You're lucky: my daughter has never liked dresses. Never wear one except when she was a baby.

meisjesmama zei

Wat jammer voor je! Hier puilen de kleerkasten ook uit. Maar sinds ik zelf af en toe wat naai koop ik veel minder voor de meisjes. Enkel nog echt superfantastische unieke stukken uit de kringloopwinkel ofzo en natuurlijk de basics die ik zelf niet kan maken. Andere kleine meisjes in de omgeving zijn ook erg leuk om voor te naaien!
Trouwens een heerlijke naam 'Charlie'!!!