A (also-mom)friend of mine directed me to this site: www.celebritybabyscoop.com.
We are both celebrity-children-watching addicts and are of course followers of people.com. But this site is the best; everyday at least four new fresh snapped family's. They give important information like: which playground they play, which parents or grandparents or nanny's they were with, what they snack and were they nap, what they were wearing and were to buy their T-shirt or sneakers.
Who can live without!?
Here we have C.J.D. 3 yrs. just outside her appartment in 'de Pijp' district, trying to stay incognito wearing 'Hema' sunglasses. She's off to go to the 'Dirk' wearing a Zara coat and vintage snowboots. She's holding a 'Jip & Janneke' surprise bag with raisins we were told.

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Matroskin zei

Oh dear, that girl is a born celebrity. Did you get her a talent agent yet? I love pictures of celebrity kids too. They are so far from my snotty, noisy children with their endless pee/poo jokes and clothes worn backwards for effect. Sigh.

madame chocolat zei

you've been tagged!