printed matters

Before I had a digital camera I printed my analog pictures and glued them into large albums. Making photo-books myself is one of my favorite things.
I have about a meter albums on my bookshelf from the past few years.
Then Charlie was born and the quantity doubled. Also because I bought myself a digital camera.
Were do I keep all those pictures? I'm trying to make 6 months selections and be really strict in my editing. Pretending it's been analog shot, so I only keep the best. I've tried several online free downloadable printservices (for mac!) and last week my last order arrived. I used www.myphotobook.nl. Finally I'm really satisfied with the result. The right scale, colors and price combination.
And it isn't even a centimeter thick, so I don't have to make room on my bookshelves.
I'm living on efficiency.

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NoeKs blogt... zei

Dan sla ik de link gelijk op! Want ook een Mac hier en ik moet hoognodig wat gaan doen met al die fotomappen!

schreu zei

Mooie layout zo te zien!
Ik ga ook zo'n boekie maken.

Fine Little Day zei

Looks very beautiful! Maybe myphootobok is the one I should try, I have heard several people saying good things about them.

Did you get my comment earlier about me wanting to blog about your blog? Would it be ok to use some of your photos? /Elisabeth