not so happy

Today is my not so happy birthday.
I turned 34 and I am feeling sad.
Because today our cat died.
We had her with us for 11 years.
This morning she was laying on her usual chair, in our bedroom, perfectly still, not breathing anymore.
She didn't suffer and wasn't ill. Just old. We think between 16 or 18 years old. We don't know exact, because the animal shelter we had her from didn't know either.
This is the last picture I took from her, Charlie kissing her with her cat-painted face.
We are gonna miss her.

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zoloma zei

Sad for you. It's always cruel, when an animal we love dies.
But happy 34 anyway, it's the same for me.

Rolf zei

Ow, poor Stompie... I'm sorry for your loss :o( But glad that she went in her sleep, and didn't suffer.

Take care, also for P.

Lisa zei

Oh I am so sorry to read about it, I know how painful the loss of one's petcat can be.
Well... at least Stompie (I think I understand that it was her name) did not suffer...

Happy 34 anyway.

NoeKs blogt... zei

oooh, wat sneu zeg! Hoewel ze rustig gestorven is, is het altijd zo'n gemis he, een huisdier.
Maar wel evengoed, alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.....

madame chocolat zei

so sad for you, it's allways sad for the whole house when a loved cat goes away...
but I wish you a nice happy birthday anyway, we're both born in 75!

all the greatest stuff are ahead.

hannna zei

oh sorry to hear... but it sounds like it was very peaceful. i'm the same age as well, but from last year- my old cat is 12.

Mmm zei

i'm french and my english is very very bad (so, excuse me for that, my words could be wrong). I try nevertheless. I think your blog really sweet, your photos are outstanding...and this one more wonderful, because it's lot of émotions.
Pfff, i'm hopeless !!! sorry...

Giulietta zei

Hi Muriel,

You don't know me although we are 'family" - My last name is also van der Meer Mohr - I was reading your blog and was struck by your artistic touch in your pictures and stories ... We just lost our cat in a house fire (our house burnt down to the ground while our cat was inside) I still somehow hope she managed to escape). Cats are such survivors.
Anyway, I just wanted to sympathize with you-- I know how you feel.

ps: your daughter is very cute.

regards (from Vancouver, Canada),


qeniwait zei

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