My first Etsy purchase is delivered. I was a virgin in Etsy world and got inspired by all you creative seamstress bloggers. I bought some lovely japanese fabrics as seen above. I do not know what i'll do with it yet, but they were too cute not to order. Maybe a cover for my laptop or something for the little one. I even consider making a quilt or a little blanket (thanks for the idea B.), but I have to find the time and patience for it. I have started several projects like that in the past, but not always succeeded in finishing them. That's one of my new year resolutions; finish what I start so I can enjoy the result (especially regarding handmade projects).

Below a picture of the little one staring in her mother's wardrobe, helping me to choose what to wear today; such a dilemma sometimes.

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Mooie stofjes! Vooral die blauwe.
Ik ben een echte stofjes gek, maar dat had je vast al geraden ;)