kill your darlings

Today was organize day. My summer wardrobe. A bit early in Februari? No. Because the secondhandstore I bring my 'old' clothes to, has opened the new season. They start the summer season in Februari and so they stimulate me to review my summer clothes. It's cold outside, it rains and it's grey, but I'm so ready for summer!
One large bag with my summerdresses and blouses and one large bag of Charlie's were gone to the shop today. Also the cute blouse in the picture. I had it for 2 years, but never wore it. It is beautiful made, very delicate and nice. But not my size. The arms too short and tight on the wrists and this just wasn't my kind of model. I ignored it for a long time, but therefore never wore it longer then 5 minutes. Such a pitty. To help unclutter my closets, I had to get rid of it now.
Now I gave it the chance to be worn by somebody else, in May or June perhaps.