accidental imitations

As a goodbye present from my work, I've got the beautiful photobook of LIFE, The classic collection. On page 77 there is the picture of two children walking in the woods. Made in 1946 by W. Eugene Smith. I knew there was a picture like this when I took the picture of Charlie and her nephew last autumn, but I couldn't recall which photographer it was. Now I know!
Another picture I stumbled upon was the Elliott Erwitt version of a hand trough a door, which I took a while ago myself and found very funny. I was searching for another picture of him, but stopped at this one. "Wait a minute I took this picture as well!"
I'm defenitely not the first person who comes across these simularities and I'm defenitely not planning to make more imitations, but I think it's cool to see that my subconscious photographic mind is coming to the surface like this.

3 opmerkingen:

Rolf zei

Great! That second photo, A Walk to Paradise Garden was once cited by our photographer Joost van den Broek, to illustrate a story about media bosses in Hilversum... Strange to see that photo with all grown up men in suits ;o)


Maria and Vincent zei

amazing !I love your blog !

meisjesmama zei

Mooie foto! Mooie meid, met een prachtige naam!!!