This weekend me and the boyfriend spoiled ourselves with a little holiday. Without the little one. We stayed in a fancy hotel/restaurant in the middle of the woods and wined and dined two nights in a row. And we slept without any alarmclock! Yay.
We had rain and we had sunshine and made long walks in the clean air. At one point we fantasized about moving to the country.
If you are not staying in hotels a lot like we do, you really can appreciate all that is been done for you.

Like making up your bed.
Clean your towels. Every day.
Clean everything.
Cut your fresh fruits at breakfast.
Serve your breakfast.
Making dinner. Better than ever.
Wash all dishes after.
Fold your toiletpaper.
Place packaged fresh bars of soap.
Serving afterdinner sweets from heaven.

In another 6 months or so we're gonna spoil ourselves again, we promised each other.

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