I've got mail

Today I organized my personal mail. Mail that actually came through the door in our hands, instead of the inbox. Such a joy to receive cards and letters. They were stuffed in a big box: Christmas wishes, birthday cards, just notes and lovely thoughts. Now I have sorted them by year, birth and death-announcements. I tagged them by year and returned them in a neat box.
Ah, that feels good. The past is organized.
Next project; unclutter my nightstand.

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schreu zei

Ja dat heb ik ook gedaan. Alle kerst- en nieuwjaarskaarten sorteren. Eerst die van 2008, toen 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004. Heel interessant. Alles in enveloppen gedaan met duidelijke opschriften. Daarna alles weggegooid.