applejuice and ponytail

After walking on ice at the first time in her life (and didn't enjoyed it much, we need a sleigh next time!) we had some coffee and appeljuice. Loved the light at the cafe.

This morning we had to check her for head-louse. Yak! It itches writing about it. I know it's a really common thing with the youngsters being at kindergarten. But this early already! I can remember my mother combed my hair for these nasty creatures, but I was much older I think. Luckily I couldn't find anything, so I think she's 'clean'. After that, I gave her a ponytail and she looked so much different with the slick non-curly hair. I took a picture and then she didn't want it anymore. Within a minute her curls were there again. Pfjew.

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andrea zei

hello from america! hello from portland, oregon! lovely blog you have here! xo