thriftshop treasures

When I was pregnant with Charlie I started a crave for Bambi-deer toys. Mommy-to-be hormones I guess. But only the old fashion ones, mind you.
It all started with the one (picture above) on the far right; a rubber Bambi bath-toy. We saw this old one (1954 Disney marked) at a flea-market in France for 15,- euro but I decided that it was too expensive for my budget. Luckily my boyfriend bought it without my knowledge and saved it. Till the day I gave birth to Charlie, five months later. You can imagine how surprised I was. I will always cherish it.

My deer collection has grown since then (thanks to my thriftshop-loving mother in law), but only the special ones I'll keep. Like the black one (below picture) with a velvet skin and just one eye: love it!

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Liivia zei

YOu have really intresting blog!

And your boy, so beautiful.

Matroskin zei

I love bambies too.I 'm even considering a bambi tattoo.

About Suri: someone told me that in scientology, they won't refuse a child anything. So if she says no over coat, the parents have to act according to her wishes. I don't know whether it's true or not.

L'Atelier zei

hey found you through abbey blog- yours is really fun!
chat soon xoxo

Ilona zei

Oh, what a beautiful blog you have!

schreu zei

King Babar is a great one, too!

Check this out for deer toys: