suri's missing coat

Today I got a stack of gossip-magazines from my friend M.
Because I was totally soaked by rain on my bike, I had to dry up with tea, blankets and good reading material. I have a love-hate relationship with the celeb world but there is one family I just have to follow: the Cruises. So I was thrilled when I opened these pages, all Suri pictures! It is a ridiculous topic of course, but it crossed my mind a little while ago. Because I like to watch other peoples little girls dresses (something to do with my own little girl?) I have never seen Suri with something other then a dress and ballerinas... Super cute, no doubt about that, but I can understand that a motherly type of editor at this magazine thought of this subject. I am very anxious to see Suri's wintercoat someday....
Just had to share this feature with the rest of you ;)

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Rolf zei

Arme Suri, nou heeft ze het vast koud!

(hallo blog van Muriel!)