Rie Cramer

Today was a good day. I found something very beautiful. I was cleaning up Charlie's room and sorted her toys and (baby) books (she was not at home, otherwise I couldn't do this!).
Two large shoppingbags full of ugly but to good to throw away stuff were selected for the recycle-store. When I delivered these, I browsed through the childrensbooks and found this little book illustrated by Rie Cramer. I was so happy with this treasure! It costed me 0,50 cents.
It's a original schoolbook from 1956. And I'm just in love with her simple illustrations.
I am creating a Rie Cramer daughter; just the other day I bought her a secondhand red velvet dress, for the holidays, exactly like her drawings! (tomorrow I will take a picture of the dress to show you, with daylight)
And she's got the Rie Cramer hair.... it such a coincidence.
I'm familiar with Rie Cramer's work from my own childhood; I still got the book "oude rijmpjes en versjes". But now that I'm older I like her early work better.
I'm thinking of putting the cover-drawing in a frame of some sort, but I don't want to rip the book....maybe a good reproduction will do.

3 opmerkingen:

Matroskin zei

A charming book!

Marloeska zei

Oooh mooi ik verzamel Rietje ook...
Voor leila ;-) en een beetje voor mezelf

Jogien zei

Hoe passend bij jou en Charlie :)
Over Rie Cramer kindjes gesproken, check mijn laatste foto @ mijn hyves pagina. Adri heeft een nieuwe hobby: Dia's omzetten in digitaal materiaal, heel leuk!