bye bye 2008

A few highlights in 2008 for me:

- Going to Copenhagen in Februari; I immediately fell in love with it. The gentle people, the great designs, the Amsterdam-like scale, the sound of the language, the atmosphere. I want to go back.

- Purchasing my Macbook Pro from returned tax-money. Finally, my first and very own laptop!

- Watching my little girl growing like crazy this year and being able to talk with her. Brushing her golden curly hair, after 2 years of nearly boldness.

- Picking fresh appels and pears right from the tree in Rumpt.

- Attending two great weddings of friends in the summer. Very intimate, creative and sunny.

- Experiencing Rome with a private guide.

- Watching great 'television': The Wire, Mad Men and The Office (US).

- Camping in South of France with family; enjoying the sound of rain falling on our tent.

- Enjoying the Artis Zoo almost weekly, now that C is big enough to recognize all the animals.

- Working for VPRO; a very inspiring place.

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